Thursday, 2 July 2009

walking to a Cornish cove

I wondered if this should really be headed Christine and Charles day out, for after the hectic preparations for the garden opening we felt the need to visit "our cove" again. Hidden behind the Tamarisk on the coastal footpath east of the farm we have a favourite cove that we used to like to visit in the days that our dog was with us (or the the shade of the sea caves for him) but today we were alone with no excited lurcher barking at the sight of the back pack.

We set off across the back of the farm on the public footpath that leads to Trebarvah before dropping down onto the ancient gorse flanked track that cuts the corner off to reach the coast pausing in the farmyard above Perranuthnoe to admire the strange misty light strouding Mounts Bay.

The strange light over Mounts bay from Trebarvah

Charles carrying the pack down through the gorse

One of the many caterpillars that always cross the wide dusty track just there ( sadly we saw him squashed on the way home)

When we reached the cove the swell that we had heard the night before when sitting in the Italian Garden late into the dusk, was still running, with rolling lines of waves forging across the cove - thrashing across the tranquil sea pools of low tide where I had learnt to swim many balmy summers ago.

An eddy below us as we waited for the tide to fall enough to expose our beach

We waited for half an hour beyond high tide before finally Charles set off as the strongest swimmer to see if there was any sand exposed on the little beach backed by a sea cave. He returned to say there was a good corner for our picnic, before floating the back pack in front of him wrapped in a bin bag through the waves and I had only to follow.........rather dubiously!

We swam from the rocks to the little secret beach

I arrived like a piece of flotsam carried by the waves to the shore to spend a day of utter tranquility soothed by the rhythm of the sea and I'm ashamed to say i slept for most of the day but did spend some time idly watching a crabber collecting his pots across the cove and a sailing boat tacking away before the seal arrived to bob curiously peering at us on his beach.

By four o' clock the tide had dropped enough for us to walk back across to climb the cliff out of the cove before making our way back, climbing the footpath in the increasingly intense heat, through the familiar landscape, of the well trodden path across the fields until we emerged on to Ednovean lane to find Olley with a cats economy of effort still........................

Olley happily sleeping in the car park ah well it's a cats life!