Monday, 29 June 2009

Perranuthnoe open gardens

The horses feet rattled on the tarmac road as we crept down through Perranuthnoe village as quietly as we could at half past five on Sunday morning as the village slept. With the day of the garden opening waiting for us it was the only possible time for their daily exercise and we didn't meet a soul as we climbed the cliff path out of Perranuthnoe towards the hamlet of Trebarvah before crossing the A394 and looping back through Goldsithney towards home in time to cook our Guest breakfast
The morning was spent in frantic activity trying to secure errant gate numbers to the appropriate openings and open the front field up ready for the car parking for the day. We must thank Terry, Sue and Bryan for valiantly parking nearly one hundred cars in straight lines and welcoming everyone that had came to enjoy the day.

Our impromptu car park

Alas i didn't get to visit any of the other gardens on the day but everyone I met looked very happy and welcome to all our blog readers - it was a real pleasure and great surprise to meet so many of the blog reading community. (Perran lady your echiums await!)

Yvonne phoned with the news that..............!!


Had been raised for the church room which was a fantastic result for the day

Garden visitor arriving

We settled for super in the Italian garden that felt strangely still after all of the visors of the day
That's Yvonne (tireless organiser) and her brother Graeme (Passport seller)in the foreground, two of our neighbours and fellow garden openers Charlie and Jan, Two of our house guest, my brother Bryan (painter of the car park sign and Parker) and Sue who worked tirelessly all day. Charles is behind the camera as usual so that just leaves me (doesn't think of a good enough excuse quickly enough!) All posing..........

and not looking at the camera

It would have been nice to sit late into the night with the candles flickering within the dusky enclosures but Alas another day beckoned and we crept silently to bed to start again tomorrow
(although I swear i won't garden at all this week!)

I was allowed to cut the box topiary on the terrace

Naturally as Sunday was overcast we woke today to brilliant sunshine that cast sharp shadow in the gravel border with the clearest blue sky over head but that is another day!