Sunday, 21 June 2009

Gold Stars! and time

Such a long time since I've had a chance to post here but as the summer slowly drawn on to meet the mid Summer Solstice and we have sat in the garden, warmed by the sun, late into the evening it seemed time.. Time to think about the house renovations of the spring when the delicious primping and tweaking, dress to the house to enter the year take place. The time spent anticipating the new foals as our mares expanded and now two out of the three expected foals are with us. But time yet for April to still wait patiently for her time, with a steadily growing bag of milk for her new baby that is due in July. Time spent waiting for the AA inspector, who suddenly appears when least expected to assess our B&B and then time waiting by his written report. At last it has come and we have Five Gold stars again this year, meaning that we are in the top ten percent of marks in the country for the third or is it the forth year running. And now time to go to bed with the daylight yet to fade and the birds still singing outside............but it is time and so good night