Sunday, 7 June 2009

Perranuthnoe Gardens Open

A gorgeous flower from on of the new mystery gardens

and another!

The promise of the rose

The Cordylines in flower

The date for Perranuthnoe Open Gardens has been set this year for Sunday the 28th of July and Yvonne has attracted fourteen gardens, give or take a few with two stunning new gardens for this year, gathered up along the way.

If you have never visited Perrans open Gardens, it is well worth sparing the time to stroll around the village and visit the beautiful walled gardens of the mellow old granite houses that in themselves, hark back to the time when Perranuthnoe was a series of farmsteads nestling in the shelter of the valley.

I always love to visit the lovely old gardens awash with fragrant roses, cocooned within the ancient walls under the shelter of the church tower in the steep lanes of the village. This year Yvonne and I visited two new cottage garden in the Ednovean Area and i snapped the Clematis in one and the Poppy in the other but you will have to visit on the day to find out where they are!

The rose lives at Ednovean Farm though and was given to me as a cutting by my late father when I married Charles. He said "the Woodhams family has always had this rose in their garden" And each year it fills the courtyard with perfume for Oh too short a time before slipping gently back into the distance, a link through the generations.

At the moment the Cordylines are filled with amazing creamy white flowers that announce that the tree is about to fork again and will feed the sparrows for weeks on the berries. Will they last until the gardens open? Somehow I doubt it but you never know.