Thursday, 11 June 2009

Diva's foal

Diva and her filly new foal

A good bed of straw

Father Danilon watching from his stable

Finding the milk supply with help from Charles

A beautiful elegant filly was born to Diva at Ednovean Farm at 2.23am watched over by her father Danilon who nobly gave up his nights sleep to supervise the proceedings. Mother and Baby are both doing well and should go out to field for the first time tomorrow

Well who needs sleep with a new little life coming into the world! A full moon and clear sky spangled with stars, on a night so balmy it felt like milk. As the night wore on in this first encounter with life for the little creature and we bussled about when needed and drank hot sweet tea when not, until we felt it safe to leave them both at about 4.30 just as the first cockerels had started to crow down in the village.

Another glorious sunny day here in west Cornwall and perhaps time for a nap in the garden this afternoon!