Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Gardening and Boats

The beautiful sailing ship motoring into Mounts Bay this afternoon

Just passing Perranuthnoe church

She's moored just under the Mount this evening

Beyond our garden in the late afternoon light - Charles says the light is no good for photogarphy........but the boat was there!

Our day began and into the garden to work

This photo of Mounts Bay beyond the garden was taken just after breakfast click to enlarge

Michaela Lowe hard at work in the borders

Another fabulous day in west Cornwall today although a bit too hot for me alas - still with the village open gardens looming we thought it was time to attack the garden with gusto or at least weak resolve. Yvonne has bagged fifteen gardens for this year and we hope to open BUT Diva is due to foal very soon in which case.............. sorry Yvonne.

Michaela Lowe has taken over her father Ian Lowe's TGS Garden Design business phone 07546 588277 and has come in to help sort out the borders as the Italian garden has kept us all out of mischief for three weeks now!
As we slumped in the searing heat (i don't do heat!) Our afternoon tea break was enlivened by a beautiful Schooner motoring in before weighing anchor off of ST Micheal's Mount. it is always fabulous to see a tall (ish) ship in the bay as a ghostly memory of the days of sail.......and the garden is looking pretty good too!