Monday, 29 June 2009

The box parterre

Our box parterre sit happily in the middle of the courtyard and needs very little maintenance these day until Derby day has passed and the gardening advice dictates that it is time to cut the box - A lengthy business involving much heart ache, topiary sheers, various rugs to catch the clipping, wheelbarrows and a watching cat. Each year Charles rejects the suggestion the "an electric hedgtrimmer might do it" and clips diligently away day after day until the untidy beast is tamed and harmony is restored to the courtyard. This year I did offer to help but he eyed the pair of garden sheers I was brandishing with great suspicion and said "err no its OK - I've nearly finished now"

and finished it was......... in time for our garden opening as part of the Perranuthnoe open gardens with a new pump installed in the fountain in the nick of time by our plumber and the cat went back to sleep.