Friday, 12 June 2009

Foal launch

Diva's baby foal had her first outing into the field today

The little foals first job upon reaching the field was to stock up at the milk bar - she is two weeks premature so a tad smaller than Annie when she was born

after mum Diva had had another visit from the vet. The day started out quite foggy and so we dressed her up in Annie's outgrown little coat but before long the sun broke through and the little creature spent the day curled in the long grass with the odd occasional milk break. Poor Diva didn't spent very much time eating herself as she gazed at her new baby, hovering quietly and gently nickering to her new baby. We brought diva in this evening to a deep fresh bed of straw and she gave a big sigh of contentment - everyone likes a comfy bed!

Diva Standing guard over her precious baby