Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A visit to Perranuthnoe Beach

Perranuthnoe beach from the cliff path

We set off across the field to Perranuthnoe yesterday to visit the beach just below the village and treat ourselves to lunch at the cabin which is tucked just beside the slip way to the sands.

Our guest through the summer have brought back such good reports that we could resist the temptation no longer and we ambled down through the village, stopping to peep at the little collection of craft shops in the old white washed farm buildings before hurrying on to spend a few moments in contemplation of the black board menu and catch up with the horsey news with Mary.

I can never resist a Greek salad nor Charles warm chirizo with butter beans, so we very soon ordered and carried our two steaming mugs of tea into the neatly mown lawn with its enchantingly mis matched tables to sit and wait. As we listened to the waves caressing the shore just beyond the Tamarisk trees in our sheltered little cocoon, our freshly prepared salad soon arrived, accompanied by warm pitta bread. We spent a pleasant hour idly watching the world go by, tackling our herby, olive oil dressed treat before walking out along the coastal path above the end of the beach, where one solitary beach comber ambling along the tide line below.

Just editing today ('cause its raining!) to add the web site for the cabin:-


Strengthening the fences beckoned back at the farm fort the rest of the afternoon but it was quiet memory of the Indian Summer and of the empty beach. The mares were grateful for their new field though and spread out to sample the delicious untouched grass of their new domain much as we had savoured our cliff top lunch!

Just after the spring tide making the sea retreat to its furthest point

The coast path from the village but not for us today

The little collection of shop in the unspoilt old farmyard

There is even a hairdresser and a beauty retreat there now

The sky beyond the courtyard last night