Sunday, 20 September 2009

Pampas grasses marking the Autumn

Is Autumn here with vibrant blue skies and a dazzling light, that casts sharp shadows throughout the garden. The promise of the year has been fulfilled at last with the grasses and yuccas, erupting into dramatic flowers moving gently in the whispering breeze today throughout the garden at Ednovean Farm.

The ancient banks that line the lanes here in West Cornwall have become flamboyant with swags of gleaming blackberries tantalizingly out of reach of the local berry pickers that patrol the lanes in the hope of making a tasty pie or is it jam?

Perhaps we have time to visit the sea for one last picnic under the shelter of the the cliffs in this vibrant Indian Summer that has made the birds sing and the butterflies dance with renewed energy, who knows but maybe we''l try one day soon!

Charles took a stroll around the garden this evening under the mesmerising blue of the sky to record our garden in September - strangely quiet and still today after the visitors of last Sunday

A rustic flight of steps colonised by ferns leading to a new path that I've made through the shelter belt. The scented hedge make the walk rather special at the moment to find a secret bench looking out over the shipping lanes across the fields.

The different shapes and forms of the palms add a stark symmetry to the sky before unravelling in the breeze

The Italian garden entrance as the sun became lower in the sky allowing the light to fall in enticing slants from the individual lawns along the avenue.

With the foliage of our gravel border mottled by the evening

The tall grass spires against the sky

A glimpse across the garden from between the palms

It has taken years for the foliage to properly frame our urn

The edge of the Apricot rooms special area

Agaves in the lower border - I hope the year is kind to them
The bluest of skies today bespoke to this autumn