Friday, 11 September 2009

Ednovean Farm ngs opening

The front door wreathed in Ivy gently touched by the sunset

Well, all is nearly ready for Ednovean Farms garden opening for the ngs this Sunday ( the 13th of September) if we could garden at night as well, we would, accompanied by our faithful ginger moggie, Olley.

Olley silhouetted in the dusk as he supervises Charles

but as it is as the evenings draw in we retreat thankfully indoors, grateful for the high that has formed over the UK and brought clear blue skies and magical sunset in sharp contrast to Tuesday when we left giant snail trails across the lawns, as we laboured in the fog, gloom and drizzle.

The garden framing the view to St Micheal's Mount with a magical sky

The lights around the Mounts bay from Ednovean farm at Sunset

A view through a pampas at the very end of the garden with the lights of Penzance beyond click to enlarge

Through the courtyard gate

This morning the weather stays settled, please cross all of your fingers for Sunday for us!! ..................and Olley is now sound asleep he's been SO busy.