Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The Dukes of Hazzard

It's an interesting lighting system but

Well our lengthy search for a "new" vehicle to carry our mountains of shopping has at last been successful and The Cornishman had just the job for us - true the mammoth lighting system to the front and the rear make it resemble something from the Dukes of Hazard but its arrival has been like the relief of a siege. Take for instance our efforts at shopping on like - very efficient and successful apart from my lack of ability to understand metric units - I waited in trepidation for the first shop - would i end up with a case of bananas or................they delivered three. Charles tried the second time - they solemnly delivered one solitary banana. And so it was a a relief this morning for Charles to be able to jump in the landrover and race up to Trevelyan Farm shop and buy a beautiful organic melon for our guest breakfast!
The Landrover herself has seen life, it must be said and in need of ah hum a little light industrial cleaning to say the least. A quick google search brought one number who kindly recommended Automotive Valeting 01736 763308 from Rinsey. Paul Osborne worked miracles on her appearance, working steadily for the morning and she is now ready to tackle Tesco's, the Cash and Carry, the corn merchant, the garden centre.......whoops did I say the garden centre?!
It was an early start this morning for us and i turned Sooty out to mooch about first thing I think his opinion of the Dawn behind him is clear in his face but he was back in his newly cleaned stable in time for breakfast, just in time to put his feet up for an hour or two while we get on with the work!
Sootty up much too early this morning in his opinion
But was that the mares in their stables he heard?
Last nights sunset still amazing after a week of over indulgence in sunsets!