Saturday, 26 September 2009

It's a ducks life!

An abandon Duck in the bottom of one of our roll top baths
It's a ducks life at Ednovean Farm - don't tell but a closely guarded secret is the little Duck that weighs down the pile of fresh towels for our new guest. They wait our little flock on the window sills to accompany our guest stay until abandoned at the bottom of the bath tub to be retrieved by us in the morning, sanitised, patted dry and put back with the clean towels ready for the next arrival. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The Pink room window sill with her waiting duck and towels, you can just see the Parterre through the window.

We retrieved the wood for the window sills from the old floor boards upstairs when renovating the barn- the ones in the Pink room have big holes made by a ships beetle. My father could fit the boards faster that I could sand them with an industrial belt sander "Hurry up Christine!"

The weather has been so lovely that the sharp shadows, cast by the sunshine, caught my eye as I walked through the parterre

The geraniums are enjoying the weather here!

The golden Pampas beside the gate has been dramatic this week as the plumes move gently in the sea breeze

Else where on the farm Little Amie has continued to grow with a sharp curious intelligence as she waits for her sister Dolly to arrive this morning


Charles leading Dolly (Divas last years foal) out to the pasture before we go in to serve Breakfast

And lastly a cautionary tale of a plump tom cat and an even a plumper mouse that had snuck into the corn bin to eat the horses muesli - and where was Olley? Where indeed!

Olley (mouser retired) image kindly supplied by a guest with more to follow of Olley