Saturday, 5 September 2009

A September morning

What a difference a day makes, as a high builds and Olley abandons his box without a backward glance. The courtyard at Ednovean Farm looked enchanting this morning full of dappled shade cast by the Date palms, with the sea a perfect blue beyond. Perfect or should I say Purrfect enough to temp Charles outside with the camera after Breakfast to try a few shots to record the crisp, bright, morning.

The days have been full for us this week -the idea of opening the garden in September for the ngs seemed a good one at the time - we'd have all Summer to get the garden ready wouldn't we? Well efforts are now becoming frantic to groom the garden into shape for the big day and to my fevered imagination there seems to be several acres left to go ( the garden is not THAT big). Every year we say this is the last time.............until the next of course.
Olley's weather advice today don't stray too far from your cardboard box as he's just seen a cloud across the bay and I've repositioned his box