Monday, 14 September 2009

ednovean farm ngs opening

.........the tables were laid for tea on the upper terrace, overlooking the Parterre.......

the parasols were raised to cocoon the tea takers

Terry was laying in wait (wearing a very natty high vis vest if i may say!) to ferry the cars across the field to Charlie.........

who arranged the cars in orderly lines below the lower garden gate

Anne's very professional banner was erected to guide the hungry

the plant sales were laid out in one of the Italian gardens quiet enclosures by Rebbecca

Rebecca's succulents are gorgeous and highly recommended by our garden rabbit collection, accustomed as they are to "fine dining"
The entrance and table were set up by Anne and Peter ready to go...........

half concealed by the palms...................

and never could there be a more charming group of muggers for the £4 entrance fee

Our neighbour Jan in position, on the junction between the Italian garden and the gravel border, armed with a gardeners knowledge and a collection of reference books to give gardening advice.........

and at last the visitors started to arrive!
Well what a day at Ednovean Farm. It started for us early - very early - when I prodded the washing machine and tumble drier into action just after 5.00am because that heap of towels just doesn't wash itself By 6.00 'o clock it just was light enough to start work in the stable yard, feeding the brood mares and turning Sooty out for a retirement munch on the grass while Charles exercised Danni in the early half light of dawn. Meanwhile i mucked out two stables for the boys and made a frantic and not very successful effort to weed the car park and tidy up around our newly delivered porta loo, which at least harvested another barrow full of weeds to salve my conscience. Charles returned and we turned out our family of four brood mares and their foals into their pasture and would you believe Lizzie had the temerity to yawn when she saw me! Then Charles ferried the first of the big yellow marker arrows up to the main road to sign post the route the first of many to be positioned as the morning went on.
We were back to the kitchen in time to prepare our house guests breakfast and see our departing guests off back to London before tackling the bedrooms, with just enough time to click print on the computer for the visitor information leaflets for the gate. Our morning was puctuated be ladies bringing the first of the home made cakes for the afternoon teas, all borne in delightful old cake tins that had seen many years of faithful service I'm sure.
What a relief when Ann and her husband Peter arrive bearing some jolly bunting and set up an impomto Lynch gate into the garden with a very professional looking notice board as well. I added a beautiful white cloth a gift from an Aunt, protected by a vintage cloth of my mothers to the entrance table, together with a pretty bunch of sweet peas in a jug, a gift from my neighbour's Jan's garden before scurrying away again to the important job of going around in circles. By 12.30 I abandoned a heroic attempt to spring clean the garden room, in half an hour and covered the sofa in there with a beautifully faded old quilt, decanting the rest of the wicker chairs in groups across the lawn, for the garden visitors to admire the view. At about this time Olley departed from the Dining room developing wheel spin as he rounded the corner but he did make brief appearance later in the day, before retiring back to "his" stable yard
The church room tea party all arrived looking delicious in pert Rah Rah skirts, to set the tables delivered by Micheal and Amanda the night before, and bounced through the day wearing even bigger smiles which always helps to make the day a really special memory( apologies to the gentlemen who were not wearing skirts of course but equally affable and attentive to our garden guests)
We had a great day and met a super group of people and thanks to Marion Stanley (ngs area rep) for taking the time to visit us again this year - although we did sneak off to see the foals of course!
We raised £350 this Sunday and saw many people enjoying our garden, before at 5,00pm, just as efficiently, the church room brigade broke camp, with Micheal and Amanda stowing the china and attractive wooden furniture back into hatch back cars. In the garden, bunting, table cloths and cushions were gathered in and the garden suddenly becoming empty and serene again and the car park gate clicked shut again for another year. some how I think I wont be doing any gardening at all this week
It was great to see perranlady - do click her blog for a super set of pictures taken when the garden and teas were in full swing

.......................And now the sums
We had 81 paying visitors and 2 free pass users = £324
A donation from a kindly passing gentleman to = £001
Plants sales and donation = £025
Total £350
Private visits through the summer =£090
loose change =£006
Total for 2009 £446

We'd like to thank the ngs for the opportunity to share our garden with so many lovely people but sadly feel that work pressure suggests we take a break from the prestigious yellow book opening. We do hope to be open as usual for Perranuthnoe open gardens in June or July - see you then I hope