Monday, 17 February 2014

A window in the weather

We sat in the garden on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed
a window in the weather

After Fridays infamous "Valentines Gale" we enjoyed a window in the weather for the weekend giving Cornwall a welcome chance to take stock and start to clear up after the storms of late. By Sunday we woke up to china blue skies, with cool clear air and just maybe a hint of frost on the dew laden grass. Our world was still filled by the sound of the waves but less angry now and the nearest hint of the taste of sea salt in the air.

On my morning ride with Danni who was in more than a hurry to get going when he saw the warm sunshine waiting for him I passed photographers with back packs full of equipment and cars laden with canoes all heading for the beach, as I made my way in land to the country lanes around us.

By the afternoon it was still far too lovely to be indoors and so we set off into the garden to rake and clip in a first brave effort to reclaim this domain from winters wrath and then after a happy hour of "meuwselling" we sat with a pot of tea and some delicious home made cake from the local Farm shop, a short walk away across the fields just to enjoy the warmth of the afternoon.

Our quiet tea time corner tucked just outside of
the courtyard garden

I've spent my spare minutes sheltering from the weather decorating and renovating the furniture ready for 2014. This set has just had a coat of Farrow and Ball Down Pipe in dead flat oil and now I'm off to rub it back with )! steel wool before applying a muted creamy white top coat , rubbing back again and finally finishing with clear wax.

I'll leave you with Spud rabbit watching in the late afternoon this week - I think the distance between him and the Rabbit can be measured as his ambition don't you!! have a good week

Christine and Charles xx

Spud on Mousing HQ