Friday, 28 February 2014

Perranuthnoe Beach

I was surprised to see the waves raring in at Perranuthnoe's beach
yesterday afternoon

With an hour to lose while Charles had his hair cut at the village hairdressers, I wandered down to the cove, after a little window shopping in the Cowhouse gallery and Village Crafts of course! Well I was surprised to sea the sea starting to boil again and thrashing against the rocks that protect the soft earthy cliffs here in a churning relentless mass. As I watched the sea birds feeding in the relative calm under the western cliff and tried unsuccessfully to capture the moment the wave broke in spray over the slip way a succession of walkers came and looked down, with their dogs at their heels, as the lack of sand before turning away again. One little whippet bravely crept after his master, down the steep steps to the beach, much against its better instincts but soon retreated back to higher ground.

A little dog wondering if he dare take another step
(there s a slip way to the right)

Sea birds feeding under the cliff

A little essential window shopping on the
way to the beach

The foaming tide from the slipway