Thursday, 13 February 2014

Living in a gale

Spud Cat's take on living through the gales

Yesterday morning we disturbed a fox eating a rabbit as we went to feed the horses in the back fields, I think he must have been one of this years cubs because I saw him again in the afternoon and he scuttled off but he likes to stay near to the back stables and like all of the wild life he's struggling in the wild weather we are having at the moment. A few minutes later I was struggling too to take food across to the mares in the front field, who had abandoned the shelter of their "help yourself stable" at the top of the farm and instead elected to shelter beside the footpath down near the village. I think this must be the equine equivalent of standing on the terraces for a football fan, with added advantage of passing walkers to give them sympathy and treats. The other day when the gale was strong I put the food in the Landrover and drove it down to them but today to make sure their tummies were full,  I had no option but to try to push a laden wheel barrow across the field in what was reported as a seventy eight miles and hour wind while the Landrover enjoyed pampering in the local garage in pursuit of her yearly MOT.

Leaving the comparative shelter of the garden I was immediately it by the storm force wind that felt like a real animal tapping and pulling at my clothing as I slipped and slithered down the hill with the horses cavorting around me with no sound of their hooves to tell me where they were as hurtled soundlessly into sight, muffled by the gales roar. At last I left them happily munching at the bottom of the hill  and struggled back up buffeted by the wind that pushed by sideways as i slipped across the rutted mud that was once the grass. I must say that after our breakfast my legs felt slightly like jelly - you know, that feeling you had when you'd failed to elude an over enthusiastic sports mistress on sports day and ended up in three races!

Still, generally we try to keep to our daily routine, with a few new added options - the box of matches with their position noted ready for a power cut, a flask of boiling water left to one side and all restlessly rechecked at the first flicker in the electricity

A sunny afternoon and a welcome respite from the storm in the courtyard
yesterday afternoon and look - new bulbs emerging

Ednovean Farm in February weathering the storms