Monday, 24 February 2014

Signs of spring in the garden in #Cornwall

The first early daffodils at Ednovean Farm

Each day now I look for the first signs of spring in the garden as I go about my daily tasks and this week I've stolen an hour here and there to start to big clear up from winter. Pride had come come before a fall of here course -  as I'd congratulated myself that the we'd kept the lawn quite clear of debris from the palms - that was until the gales of course and now - well lets just say we've got a bit to do!

Cordyline leaves raked into heaps ready for collection
on the lower lawn

The garden has survived quite well so far tough (hope that isn't another pride before a fall statement!) We've only had a suspicion of  a frost on a couple of mornings ad so the majority of damage amounts to wind scorch and scattered leaves and so this morning "once more into the breach" before launching the "Is the lawn dry enough to mow campaign! At the moment the rabbits are doing a sterling service small brown automated devices that hop discreetly away at my approach, the animal version of one of those impossible robotic vacuum cleaners that pop in and out. Mind you they do have a problem discerning GRASS from PLANTS at times!

Early morning sunshine on the lower terrace below the Italian Garden

So to finish this morning,  here are a few of the flowers i found walking around the garden the other evening - the first exciting signs that spring is really here in Cornwall

Hyacinths replanted in the garden after flowering in the house make
a welcome appearance in the garden this year

Tiny miniature Daffodils set amongst the box balls

Fabulous Helabores but why of why do the relentlessly
 look down!

Fresh new flowers to admire and faded to collect

Tough and dependable shining brightly after on of our heavy showers this
A final crocus bright with rain drops

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