Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines 

Well if you are not at Ednovean Farm maybe you could leave your browser open at this picture as a small hint for next year but wherever you are I hope you find a little romance in your day. I must say that I'm celebrating too after putting four coats of paint on the blue room bathroom walls, I think I've cracked it!!

The Blue room has a big double ended roll top bath
and a double shower if that's not quite right!

We've put Roll top, Slipper and Batau baths in all of en suite bathrooms, I wanted to make them a place to relax and enjoy for couples used to the frantic quick shower and race out of the door in the mornings - bathrooms to take you time and savoir a long soak after a brisk walk along the Cornish cliffs, in short to make your stay a Valentines!

The blue room en suite bathroom at Ednovean Farm

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