Sunday, 2 February 2014

Early flowers

The early flowers of the season are always the most

The first thrilling find of a glowing yellow Daffodil or Soleil d'Or in the garden always give me hope that spring is really just around the corner. Each evening I tour the garden to look at the newly emerging bulbs and catalogue their progress, just as a litmus of the passing days and to reassure myself that warmer days are just around the corner. The other evening I spotted a few snow drops almost forgotten under a burgeoning shrub but determined to flower none the less. At last to slowly walk back towards to the house, Spud Cat bounding in front of me, still full of the first exuberance of his youth,  he always arrives first, to wait on the doorstep for the slow human to arrive - I wonder if he thinks about spring just around the corner and new plans for the garden...... no I doubt it more likely to be "Food, will there be food in my bowl!" Still it works very well our little evening ritual!

Humans so slow

New snow drops

Looking down towards Perranuthnoe from Ednovean Farm

A last look over the bay as storm cloud gather the other evening

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