Sunday, 9 February 2014

We have weather!

The recent storms have hit the head lines and at times it has felt as though we were rounding Cape Horn in a house as nature bared her teeth at us in a flurry of malice. The day that was billed as the "biggest waves in the world hits Cornwall" was definitely "interesting" to say the least. We managed to get all of the horses stabled in good time and retreat inside of our house's thick comforting walls, before the worst of the weather came through and boy! did it blow - a miserable howling tantrum of a gale. Fortunately Charles had put a warming casserole in the oven at lunch time because the electricity went off very soon after dark proceeded by the television reception and so we sat in the darkness with flickering candles feeling not quite as romantic as we should have done listening to the storms force outside with nothing to do but wait. By eightish we managed to get outside again to check the horses by candle light, which sent the fillies scuttling around their stables. Spud-Cat had long ago decided against his evening constitutional and actually he's been grounded in case he blew away

We had a welcome respite once in our turbulent week and so I climbed up to the top of the farm to take some photos of Mounts Bay and you can just see our houses roof tucked into the hillside - they knew a thing or two about gales when they built it way back in time. I could just see the sea foaming into the cove below the colts field who I must say looked slightly peeved to be disturbed!

The seas turbulent heart is still showing in the cove below the farm

One of Danni's sons Magic modelling his field

Walking back towards the house for breakfast I topped to look at Sophie and her Daughter Lissie looking engagingly over the fence

Sophie and Lissie - alas you can see just how wet the ground s now with
incessant rain

but do not despair - back in the garden the first Daffodils have started to flower, each new plant lifting my spirits as we race towards spring

The wild planting around an old gatepost in an informal
area of the garden

Spud-Cat's best advice - find a cosy spot and let the world go by!

I hope your week has gone well and thinking of all of the poor people in Somerset

Christine and Charles xx