Friday, 21 February 2014

Painted days

This time of the year leads to my "painted days" the days when I spruce up the furniture and tweak the looks and moods of the bedrooms ready for the year. This year I started three pieces with a base coat of a moody Farrow and Ball deep Grey called "Down Pipe" and then I followed it up with a top coat of new White. The other afternoon I was able to put my work out to dry in the courtyard and start to gently rub it back with 0! steel wool to expose some of the previous layers and by the following day it was ready for a protective coat of wax.

The finished peices

Rubbing back to gently distress

Not a tidy worker!

At the moment though,  I'm torn between my original idea of having the chair re upholstered in a chic broad strippey fabric in creams and greys, to tread the path between vintage and modern and keeping the original but slightly work cover, after Patti asked on our Facebook page if there was a picture of a man and a woman on the seat...........Decisions decisions What would you do?!

and briefly for our garden lovers signs of spring as the garden starts to fill with splashes of colour with the early flowers ( but till officially a disaster zone out there!)

Crocus's bright with rain drops after a shower

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