Sunday, 1 December 2013

A special sunset

The sun setting behind Perranuthnoe from Ednovean Farm

You know, every so often something happens in the course of an ordinary day that really takes your breath away. Take the other evening I had half an eye to the sky because the weather conditions were "right" for some special fireworks and low cloud settle over the bay. Throughout the afternoon the clouds glowed slightly rosily and I was convinced I had missed it but suddenly the sun broke through and cast a beam of light across the bay and I ran inside for the camera...............

and stopping as i puffed across the lawn to look down through the palm trees

back in the front field where I was feeding the mares the sun slipped away
and that was that I thought

A few minutes later though Charles suddenly said "have you seen the sky" and so poor Danni was left and i sortied on again:-

Starting in our car prk looking back across the house

The sky just got better and better

Such and intense colour

Looking over one of the courtyard walls at the sea turned to fire

and finally, just for fun the church in Perranuthnoe framed by our
courtyard Date Palms

So that was my special few moments at the end of the day -  thought it would be nice to share them with you!

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