Sunday, 17 November 2013

Around the November garden at Ednovean Farm

The glossy palms still look magnificent but the box alas has been hit by Blight

The days of moisture laden mists in October have taken their toll on the box Parterre in the garden and the first threatening brown leaves have slowly spread around the fountain. Time will tell but this might mean the end of the Parterre as it is now although we ave bought a product advertised on the internet that is supposed to help to control the spread - fingers crossed please! If it does really take hold we may have to remove the hedge and I'm trying to see this as an opportunity for change - maybe four beautiful standard bay trees arranged around the fountain to start with and then what - maybe a geometric pattern for something like Santolina in what is now the four little lawns? Well i'd better take some cuttings from our existing frothy blue grey plants - just in case! Moving on around the garden the huge pampass grasses have been dramatic again and the structure of the garden is starting to come into play again framing a sheltered world for us to walk through and Spud to patrol. We sat outside overlooking the lawn this morning fro coffee when Charles took a break from lawn mowing and I wondered how much longer we would be able to do this as the season creeps on. Still her'es some pictures taken around the garden I hope you enjoy them all and hope to see you here same time same place next week !

I love to look at the glossy dark waters of the fountain

The Date palms still enjoying the year

A topiary box in a pot makes a focal point at the end of
the top terrace

The big Greek pots that line the entrance

The Pots also form an inviting focal point as you enter
the garden

The gateway frames two worlds - here's Archie one of our
Stallion Danilon's sons starting his education

Contrasting foliage further into the garden

European fan palms euphorbia and Flax

The shadows grow longer in the Italian garden as the
 sun slips towards the horizon

Yet still there are golden evening to bath the house in
a warm light

A sheltered corner under elegant Pampass seeds

Back in the courtyard A Fatsia brightens a shady corner

One day it was plain and the next it had produced
stunning white flowers

Fatsia blooms

and so the shadows lengthen but there is always a sense of peace about a garden don't you think? See you next week!

November in the garden at Ednovean Farm