Sunday, 17 November 2013

It's a Spud life

Spud cat's week started in glittering fashion with an interview with Judy Heminsley of Work from Home Wisdom fame - do read his tongue in cheek advice for the perfect business cat by clicking here!

Spud has retired under the table to battle with Charles for the favoured spot, (that's in the chair, not under the table I hasten to add!) after all of the effort of giving his thought to posterity, combined with interviewing a possible second in command for rodent control operative ( salary negotiable) with Timmy Tom Cat. So far Spud s sporting a fine scratch to the nose and Timmy TC has taken to attending all cat meal sitting in the stables.

Spud resting after his busy itinerary

The evenings are drawing in and Spuds evening mousing patrol has
 been extended