Friday, 8 November 2013

Embracing the storms

The relentless line of waves rolling in to Perranuthnoe's

The season has shifted a little further towards Winter now with darkened skies and crashing seas one minute and silky dusky blue the next. Lat weekend the lure of the seas frenzied thrashing drifted across the garden until in the afternoon I just had to pop down to the village to take a look for myself.

A first glimpse through the trees

The sign that takes our walkers along the coastal path to Cudden point

The sea almost seemed to loom over me as i walked towards
 the slipway

The cove was full of heaving thrashing water tossing monstrously in its own eternal rhythm not to be stilled until the storm has passed but somehow primal to watch the sheer raw power

It was nearly high tide as the sea churned towards the
rocks guarding the soft earthy cliffs

Tm my left the whole cove was full of white tossing water, so different to
the summer days when visitor stroll

To my right


Never stopping

As you can see i favour high ground when it comes to
water but this brave photographer's waves must have
 looked far higher!

and so goodbye the storm and back to the farm to work

By the next day the view from my kitchen window was bright again but still
with the tell tail trace of white capped waves

A Little stray cat blown in with the storm and Breakfasting in the stray cat

It looks although the winds will return this weekend so maybe the lure of the sea and the salt laden air will draw me back again or maybe my next blog will be about the garden as it settles down into winter