Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New year!!

Happy New year!!

Well the year has snarled until the end, with yesterdays fairly balmy day, giving way to cold winds again,  sending the young horses scuttling this way and that when they should have been coming in for their supper. Although the squally shower cleared as quickly as it came this evening and left behind a fabulous rainbow arching across the sky and the fields were bathed in a warm golden sunshine just for an instant and the colts condescended to come in for their bright shiny oats.

I managed to stop for an instant at Marazion Beach yesterday and stood for a moment of the sea shore instantly mesmerized by the sheer power and beauty of the relentless rollers that filled the bay but more - the wonderful scent of the the salty sea that can almost hypnotize you in a moment so seductive and rodulent in its charm.

How many feet had padded along the water line that day
already - how I wished I'd the time to join them!

Marazion beach with St Micheal's Mount  off shore

I've a feeling that our house loves Christmas absorbing as many frou frou fantasies as i can dream up with good grace - here's a few shots of our Christmas days at Ednovean to finish the year - Ah you should see the garden - just as I was congratulating myself on keeping up with the palm fronds this year the gales have left more than ever in a thick covering across the lawn but like Spud i'm planning a quite warm evening to finish the year and a little mental rehearsal before starting to pick them all up!!

The sun stole across the flagstones on Christmas day
to bathe the hall in light

The Christmas Tree has a new corner this year and this was the
first year that Charles and I stood in front of the trees and chose
the same one - lets see we were married in 1991 and.....!

A little cabbage patch angel hanging on the stairs

The decoration for our guest sitting room were a little bit more
sophisticated using one of my fig prunings decked with cherubs to swirl
around the branches and a couple of gorgeous baubles that I thought
looked quite "Liberty" but shhh came from B&Q!
My fig Tree

Spud has already stolen my spot under a warm snuggly throw ready to see in the new year.

Spud Cat is going to have to share that particular spot!

And so good night and wishing you all the very best of years for 2014 and thank you for reading and dropping by throughout the year! Christine, Charles xx and Spud cat of course!

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