Friday, 3 January 2014

"Though the weather outside is frightful"

The cosy Dining room waiting at Ednovean Farm

"Though the weather outside is frightful our Dining room is quite delightful" sprang to mind this morning as the skies darkened still further and a crack of thunder sent the young fillies scurrying around their stables. Still I set off across the fields with a barrow of hayledge for my ladies sensibly sheltering in the valley near to the village after collecting a wooly hat from the hall on the way passed and reach the sheltering hedgerow just as the first stinging hailstones swept in across the fields. Horses fed i was glad to return to the shelter of our home where Charles had already lit the candles to fill the big open upstairs room with flickering light and set about cooking Breakfast for our guests. There ares some days that I love that deeply unfashionable word "cosy" don't you?!

Charles's childhood crib that appears each year to mark the season

Charles watching the front door for approaching guests

Mousing has been cancelled today due to inclement weather so Spud
is amusing himself practicing skid halts on a runner!

Stay warm and safe today out there and do keep away from the sea. it is in a treacherous mood at the moment.

Find us at Ednovean Farm in Cornwall