Sunday, 12 January 2014

As I was Driving passed Marazion Marsh

Marazion Marsh

One of my little habits in life or something a can never resist is to wind my  way home from my weekly shop via Marazion and take a second to swiftly glance sideways to the sinuous stretch of water of Marazion marsh to my left.  And then for an added bonus the beach and Mount to my right, revealed and concealed by the gaps in the dunes,  before climbing up through the village and home. The other evening as i practiced this little ritual, there was a gorgeous golden light over the marsh - this was at about 3.30 and they had been clearing the reed beds, stacking the cut reeds in perfect stooks in an even more perfect timeless scene, with the stretches or glistening water winding away through the golden reeds. I didn't have the camera with me of course and to add insult to injury the workers were leaning on their pitchforks watching the bonfire at the end of the days work with the smoke curling gently away towards Marazion. And that I thought was the end of my wonderful window into a bygone age, a curious flashback to another world and I put the vivid picture to my memory store and scolded myself for failing to get such an evocative scene to show you. Still, when Saturday dawn with such perfect light I popped the camera in the car with my shopping bags "just in case" and turned that way home again scorning the bypass again,  well "just in case" Oh how lucky I was! Firstly to find a parking space between the two stretches of water on a side road and then to find they hadn't burnt all of the reeds but had left the curious patterns to decorate the marsh. Do follow through my pictures below to join my little walk and I do hope that you enjoy them.

I crossed the railway bridge on foot and picked up the pavement that runs beside the road, still gritty with sand and sea weed thrown up by the recent storm and stopping every few feet as another picture pulled at my imagination,  until sadly it  was time to take the road home again and race back to my car. passing the gathering bird watchers walking to take their spot, tripods under their arms ready for the evening show.

My first glimpse showed me they were still there

Crossing the railway bridge I was rewarded by a view across the bay to
Cudden point

I loved the colours and textures