Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A few moments from my January day

On a day that started with a rainbow

Just a few moments from my January day today, starting with the rainbow that I took a quick snap of as I cam out of our front door hoping to get a better shot from the top steps but alas it melted into the rain. Our day continued.................

The austere light struggling through the clouds throwing the bare trees into sharp relief........................

The moments of dazzling sunshine playing on the old farmyard................................

The entrance to our home I loved the glittering sun shining off of the gravel
and casting strange dazzling rays of light across my little world

and the final gentle glow of the sunset - a moment of peace in the courtyard garden and quiet reflection across Mounts bay with the final glimpse of a fishing boat setting out to sea around the point for the night

The sunset glimpsed from the courtyard

The courtyard entrance gate silhouetted against the sunset

The final moments of the day watching a fishing boat setting out to sea

We live at Ednovean farm with too many horses a cat called Spud and welcome guests for Bed and Breakfast in our home  

So its goodbye form Spud and Me for now - have a great day - sorry Spud cat is a little bit blurred in this one but maybe he is thinking about the weather yes that was the same day too!

Spud Taylor Esq Mouser extraordinary