Sunday, 12 January 2014

A January day

An early morning start at Ednovean Farm

These days the dawn is still breaking as the first of the horses are ferried out to the fields - the ground still sodden after the Christmas deluge with sticky holding mud that threatens to suck of wellington boots ore trap the unwary in its coy grasp. Still the days when our ears were filled by the constant roar of the sea are behind us now and I hear the jet stream has slowed down from its three hundred mile an hour peak that pushed the relentless storms towards us, which is a bit of a relief!.

There are compensations to the early morning the sun blushing pink across
Mount Bay and glittering from the windows in Penzance and Newlyn

As we face towards the west the sun rises behind us

We till have our Christmas robin who adopted the stables for the winter, he spends his days  foraging for the oats that the horses drop. He's quite a a determined bundle of feathers, seemingly oblivious to Spud and so far proving "who dares wins" applies to robins too! although it must be said, Spud spends more time in the house these days on his adopted snugly blanket or watching the world go by from one of the broad window ledges, only breaking off occasionally to skid across the floor boards on an improvised cat skate board otherwise known as a rug.

It must be said he's grown a little bit plump this winter

Should I mention the garden? i think it is looking like a major work project after the gales to which I will apply myself after a suitable period of mental rehearsal - Maybe February.........

The entrance to a slightly tousled Italian Garden yesterday

The courtyard gate leading out into the main garden

Our palms blushing in the sunset last night as well they might after covering
the garden in their leaves

An elegant pampass seed at dusk framing St Micheal's Mount

Phromiums and Cordylines

The spring bulbs are emerging now full of the promise of spring which officially come sin about sixty days

Daffodils pushing their way up through the grass

The sun setting beyond Perranuthnoe last night after a beautiful day