Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Happy Christmas

All is quiet and calm today after yesterdays gales that robbed us of electricity for quite a long time so all that remains is to wish you all a very happy and special Christmas and thank you for popping in the read the blog over the year.

I think I cracked the supermarket challenge this year by getting up early and after trying to creep passed the stables without alerting the horses to the Breakfast gong, setting off in the darkness to Penzance. The roads were empty and the shelves were already being stacked when I got there so fairly painless!

The windy weather has been a bit of a challenge over the last few days but the swag I wove for the gate seems to have "held up" with its base of sturdy baler twine. My amateur method if you would like to try it. is take a length of twine and twist it around long stands of Ivy for the base and then push other foliage into the loops picking up at least two twists fr each peace of foliage. I used fragrant bay and Rosemary, with a scattering of semi dried Hydrangea flowers harvested from around the garden. Then taking no chances I lashed the swag to the gate before finally twisting a circlet of foliage for the centre

You may remember seeing a couple of fig prunings leaning against the bench that I said I was keeping to make into alternative trees - well one is finally installed upstairs decked with vintage baubles and huge gold feux fruit

Of course Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without the scent of the real tree and I'm still in love with my velvet and hessian drums and hearts that I bought from RJ Supplies just after we were married, so some things never changed.......although you'll notice the tree has moved this year to beside the arch in the hall!

Have a wonderful Christmas with lots of Love from Christina Charles Spud cat and Danni and all of our furry friends at Ednovean Farm xx