Monday, 16 December 2013

December in the garden

The winter casts long shadows across our garden now
as we approach the shortest day

December seems to bring a permanent twilight to our days, seldom allowing the long shadows to move very far, before plunging once more into the long, long nights.

The architectural elements of the garden move more
towards centre stage now

the fronds of the black bamboo are framing this shot of the car park

Lichens and mosses caver the stones as time goes by

Slightly tender but still thriving at the moment Melianthus Major

Rain drops travelling along a Phormium
leaf deep in the border

Now maybe i should have pulled up the very healthy
looking weed instead of taking the photo but I loved
the dappled sunshine just creeping into this  little
 group of  plants beside a path!

in fact I've learnt to enjoy the small pleasures of the winter garden a fence
post finial nestling in the ivy perhaps
The lofty Cordylines against the evening sunset

and settle down on the long dark evenings to make the most of the
 houses warm warm heart

Brief morning sunshine waking up the Italian Garden from it dreams of

and just enjoy the gorgeous sunsets far beyond the village across the sea

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