Sunday, 8 December 2013

A quiet week

April waiting for her breakfast at the bottom
of our garden

It has been a quiet week here this week, it has had  a feeling of waiting about it somehow, of a pndulum abut to swing. The angry dark grey skies wrap themselves around us with non discript days but  every now and again I look up to the sky and see a sudden burst of clear blue and watch a closely group flock of birds about their daily business. As i feed the horses on the strict daily routine that they like to keep I watch the sudden flash and whirl of  small brown birds swirl across the pasture the whirl of their wings alerting me to their presence more than the sight - suddenly they will turn in unionism the light catching their wings before vanishing almost as they settle again.

The moment of glorious sunlight are almost ephemeral
slipping away just as suddenly as
my little flocks of birds

The garden is sitting quietly waiting now hoarding her seed heads with an almost complacent smile until the moment is right to spring back into life. The Agapanthus have seeded themselves freely around in the gravel paths along with the Echiums and when the magic day arrives that "I have time" i must move a few to better spots

Agapanthus seeds just about ready to burst

The terrace just outside of the garden room softened now by  Agapanthus

So where does the short day go to - well mostly taken with mucking out stables and catching up with the horses training - I've a chest infection this week so i worked with Danni "in hand" and have high hopes that the doctors  antibiotics will start to work very soon!!

Our Spanish Stallion Danilon in a sort of Piaffe - think running
 on the spot

So I must leave you now, my invalid leave only stretches to a couple of hours off in the morning but next week I must tell you about the Christmas lights and lantern parades that are starting to take place around Cornwall