Sunday, 1 December 2013

A mini adventure with Spud cat

Hello there Love Spud!

Spud is my constant escort, galloping beside me as I cross the garden, keeping Charles and I company when we turn the horses in and out.... for which read spooking the horses by emerging at the worst possible moment as a small white furry flash. And yesterday he decide to supervise me as I took my last few shots of the garden for my November Facebook album, erupting out of the bushes and hurtling up the nearest tree to nestle coquettishly in the branches occasionally batting a Pampass seed head now tantalizingly within reach or losing his grip and swinging briefly by one paw

Now that's a fine view for a cat

with just the right opportunity for mischief

just the right opportunity to pose

high in the branches

back to work!!

Love Spud Cat xx

and the garden photo - well a measly one after all of the this sunny Saturday afternoon what what a fabulous blue sky and happy cat!

Peeking through the foliage on the side of the courtyard