Monday, 11 April 2011

The Italian Garden

The Statue of Spring that stands at the end of a vista in the Italian Garden Our Saturday guests left with their boot piled with some of our best manure for their garden from our burgeoning muck heap (other side of the lane don't worry!) I hope it wasn't too smeely by the time they reached the Cotswolds but that is keen gardeners for you! It was such a super weekend in Cornwall that we spent some time in the Italian garden listening to the sea and the village clock counting the hours softly ringing across the valley from the village. When Ian Lowe our garden designer (sorry he has retired now) laid out this garden he cleverly captured a "borrowed view" lining the central walk up with some Pine trees further along the lane makeing th garden look as though it goes on for ever - quite a good tip if you are planning a path. The borrowed view - luckily Charles has only to mow ohh...about an acre! The urns that flank the Italian Garden I never pass this gateway as you know without taking a photo - shame the blue sky bleached out The gravel walk that loops in and out of the formal garden Sorry forgot the name but a great value marquis type plant emerging into the Italian garden once more and at last i captured that blue sky! There is lots of work to do in there this year and so in the spirit of the weekend i sat down and went to sleep in a s warm corner, waking up just in time to welcome our new guest with a cup of tea and a hot cross bun - hope you all had a good weekend too!