Thursday, 7 April 2011

Wibur in passing

For the hottest day this year Wilbur made a rare daylight appearance, preening himself on the handy rock that has always stood just there in what was the old farmyard. Wilbur looks as though he has had a good winter, sheltering in the garden room, discreetly collecting his super when he thinks no one is looking and even sleeping in this year when the frost was on the ground. He has moved out now though just returning for his supper each night at dusk and haunting quiet corners of the garden by day - a very independent cat indeed! Just to help you this is Wilbur - almost invisible even on a good day so "purrfectly" do his strips disguise him Wilbur We passed St Micheal's Mount (click name to visit) on Monday evening and the end of the storm was still thrashing against the harbour there but "what a difference a day makes" to coin a phrase and yesterday was the hottest so far, clearing to the bluest sky, alas i was too busy to take a photo until latter in the day when the sunset was an OK one, with a huge sun slipping away from us and leaving us in anticipation of the morning. I'll be watching fo a better one this week! The end of the day at Ednovean Farm - not the best sunset but he end of a gorgeous day