Saturday, 29 August 2009

Waiting for figs

The ripening figs in the courtyard

I loved the arching shadows of the date palms this morning

We woke up to a perfect blue sky this morning yet still with a distant murmur of the sea drifting into the courtyard from the beach below - not the angry bellowing of the last few days accompanied with the scent of sea salt but a quiet rhythmic whisper beckoning the day.
A perfect blue sky this morning

Olley in recognition of the improved weather has forsaken the Rayburn and taken up residence on top of a hay bale in the stable yard only descending to demand food, before returning to alternate ablutions and slumbers as befits a senior cat of some standing.
Olley ensconced on "his" hay bale
a perfect eerie to watch the stables and the car park gate
The postman brought the new Alistair Sawday guide this morning with a funky bright yellow cover. Each year rather like the days at school when each subject was awarded a different colour book, so do Sawday's Guides change colour according to their mood. I hope that this years choice of bright yellow will bring the countryside a vibrant rural economy and this years guide has some truly stunning houses.
Meanwhile in the garden the battle for the figs is hotting up - Charles swore the whole trees were shaking under the onslaught of the local blackbirds and we are a very long way from production supplementing the Breakfast table still it's good to dream and one day...........!
Young Amie waiting to be brought in for her supper tonight