Friday, 14 August 2009

Olley's summer confession

The pugilistic pussy

sitting in his favourite vantage point looking over the garden

perfect for a cat - sun and shade in equal measures and a good view of the front door for snack attacks

poor homeless Wilbur asleep in the herb garden, a thorn in olley's side

Olley has a confession to make .............he's been fighting.
I thought the old chap had mellowed with the years and for a cat that bore the instructions "Not to be re homed with another cat" on his cage many years ago at the RSPCA, , he has been very tolerant of Wilbur the visiting stray, probably because of advancing years, overweight and the size of Wilbur.
Well Wilbur was not "at home" today and Olley is bearing the feline equivalent of a black eye and a very smug expression! Perhaps Wilbur has just gone courting.