Thursday, 27 August 2009

WiFi, Digital TV

Modern technology is encroaching thick and fast at Ednovean Farm. When we woke up the other morning for instance and turned on the TV for the news and weather, it had gone simply vanished - No signal was the only message for us coming through the air waves! Of course we'd mused over the prospect of buying three new TV's and decided on a course of action well known as "Dreckly" I had rather admired the jaunty pink posters suspended from the lamp posts bearing a picture of a sort of Tellie tubbie with the slogan "Get ready for the digital switchover" before returning my mind to the more urgent business of the shopping list. But now the day had dawned and TV as we had known it was no more. Work was shunted into different routines and I raced out to Curries in the time saved to return with the right sort of TVs and all of the appropriate packaging ready for me to enjoy recycling at a later date.

The new flat screens do look rather smart in the bedrooms and we managed to give the old ones away to new homes with diggie boxes. Which left us with the summer long ambition to install WiFi to the bedrooms.

We've had several abandoned attempts with different gentlemen marching around the building according to their discipline, only to go away again sadly disillusioned with our granite barn. But today, at long last all of the ingredients are in place for WiFi to travel via the electric cables through the three foot thick stone I've included a photo of our stallion Dani taken this weekend as a digital, WiFi free antidote!