Friday, 14 August 2009

A glorious day

Geraniums on the wall above the Parterre at Ednovean Farm

A View across the courtyard garden

It was a glorious day here yesterday at Ednovean Farm and at a certain point in the afternoon i made my way up the far side of the courtyard and was struck by the tranquil calm of the soothing shades of green of the foliage, with the tinkling fountain playing gently in the centre of the courtyard. somehow the sun had never seemed so bright or the afternoon more vibrant and i stopped to take a picture of the parterre from the shade of the fig trees. The contrast of the geraniums lined up along the wall was greater today a vivid slash of colour in the discreet scene.

And as all days should end the sun set beyond the hills of west Cornwall was inspiring. For us it was time to put the horses to bed and if you remember Archie, the chestnut colt foal being born last month, here he is meeting his proud father Danilon on his way to bed.

The sunset over Mounts Bay from the garden with St Micheal's mount framed by the palm trees

The high moors behind the Italian Garden

Danilon the Spanish stallion watching his son Archie go to bed