Wednesday, 12 August 2009

A Summer evening

An evening view across the courtyard in front of the house

The unpredictable days of summer drift on this year - some days teasingly soft with a misty veil and the next of vibrant clarity. I value each of the days for the joy of them and the promise of the unknown tomorrow but some days i can't resist casting a little magic with pools of candle light to stretch the evening. To sit in the courtyard as the granite building give back their warmth to the night and listen to the crickets sing with Olley Cat who invariably will have sidled up to claim a warm lap to sit and purr on and watch the courtyard recede until all that is left is the flickering pools of light -and so at last it is time for bed and Olley slinks off with exaggerated importance to patrol the garden of the night.
The granite walls slowly give back their heat into the courtyard