Sunday, 9 August 2009

The Beach

As the sun sank below the hills the other evening we followed it into Perranuthnoe to watch the last few moments of the day, below a sultry sky.

The sea was washing tightly onto the slipway and two fishermen had already set up their rods for the the incoming Sea Bass and so we perched on the sea defense to listen to the steady rhythm of the sea and watch some hardy sea bathers before eventually drifting home again to light the candles in the courtyard and stretch the magic of that particular day a little further.

The Boulders brought in on lorries to help to preserve the crumbling cliff a few years ago.

A silken evening as Perranuthnoe Beach is hidden by the tide

The crumbling clay cliffs - home to Sand Martins - with Cudden Point beyond

Fishing rods waiting for the Tide to bring the bounty of fish

The changing light of dusk
and so to bed Good Night