Sunday, 9 August 2009

An August visit

An urn at Ednovean Farm outside of the Italian Garden

The newly mown spiral in the grass

Perranuthnoe Church with the sea behind it from the garden

our familiar lawn

how did that rabbit get there again?

A wild corner planted with Cannas and Grasses

Daisies by the lower gate

This week Ednovean Farm had a visit from the Manaccon Gardening Club booked in aid of the ngs, which led to frantic activity in the garden to prepare for them - in fact I felt distinctly nervous about the visit from so many knowledgeable gardeners in one afternoon. They were all quite charming of course when they arrived but to borrow (and slightly change a phrase) "Time spent in preparation is seldom waisted"

Over the course of the week Charles and his lawn mower churned relentlessly up and down, backwards and forwards until the lawn was deemed well and truly mown. There was sufficient growth of grass this time to re cut the spiral around Annie Henry's statue of an Angel , meanwhile I strimmed and weeded as though my life depended on it. The result wasn't perfect to my eye but pleasingly tidy and happily they all enjoyed their visit before visiting the Church room for the weekly home teas.

The Village teas are always worth a visit if you are in the area - every Thursday afternoon through the summer, with delicious home made cakes from the kitchens of the village made by cooks with a lifetime of experience. But i collapsed in one of the jaunty wicker chairs i had set out, Raffles like around the lawn, and looked at the view.