Sunday, 16 August 2009

As night falls over Mounts Bay

The lights around Mounts Bay from the garden at Ednovean Farm

Night time fell over the bay

We managed to sit down at last just as night fell over Mounts Bay, the evening had not run as smoothly as usual. The horse has fallen out, apparently, waiting for their supper and Belle had had a bruised leg - so we had spent some time patiently training a cold stream of water on to her swelling leg, from a hose pipe, as she looked sadly on. Half an hour later with the yard rapidly filling with water she was feeling a bit better and ready for her tea, with her back legs now cosily bandaged in stockinette to control the swelling. As we shut the gate to the higher yard, we met two of our guest coming back from the village, where the cabin on the beach is offering a great bar-b-que these days, so we are told, we really must try it before the Autumn! Any way they stopped to sympathise with the invalid whilst carefully avoiding the puddles, before continuing on their way to bed and we repaired to the terrace for a restorative cup of coffee which is about where the story starts.

We sat for a while in the balmy dusk and watched the lights come on around the bay with a tiny bat circling over head, always only one bat. I hope one day it finds a friend................. and then our day came to an end as well.