Monday, 21 December 2009

Buzzard or Turkey

The land rover that Admittedly could do with a bit of a tidy up and Passenger

As life has been a little out of routine lately it finally dawned on me that we had no Christmas lunch or anything else for that matter and with house guests for the next few mornings I would never secure that sought after parking place at M&S, unless i went today. Early.
Shopping completed I drove carefully home of the unusually icy roads for Cornwall. All went well until i pulled on to the Marazion bi-pass and a Buzzard came fast out of the road side bushes.......... as i braked the bird spotted me and tried to pull up but inevitably there was a clunk and as the landrover halted, there was the bird, on the bonnet wings askew peering in the window at me. A few cars sped past and then magically there was no one, just me and the recumbent bird. After a few minutes it became apparent that i was the only one there and would have to DO SOMETHING! A glance at the fearsome beak and talons told me that this bird was not to be messed with and it showed no sign of moving anytime soon and so i found Charles new beige jumper on the back seat and gently gathered the bird and put him/her in the car too before continuing home........... Bizarrely I now had one live Buzzard and one dead Turkey ready for Christmas.
My new passenger was happy to sit on the back seat blinking occasionally and soon regained an upright position. Charles's hasn't mentioned the new-beige-jumper but took the opportunity to photograph the bird as he has been trying to photograph the birds of prey for some time.

Which left the sticky problem of what to do with the bird in the inclement conditions when it had lost a few vital hours of feeding. .............Phone the RSPCA! and in time a very nice lady came and examined the bird and has taken him/her to a bird of prey centre leaving an addressed envelope for donations.............I only went for a Turkey!