Sunday, 13 December 2009

Red sky at night

The red sky Over the roof of Ednovean farm

"Red sky at night shepherds delight,

Red sky in the morning shepherds warning"

So the old saying goes and today it proved true

The bottom of the barn that is Ednovean Farm and holds the Blue room framed against the sunset, with Perranuthnoe church just seen and the lights of Mousehole on the other side of Mounts Bay

Perranuthnoe Church tower framed by the sunset over Mounts Bay from Ednovean Farm garden last night

The last sultry glow of red from one of the paths that wind through the garden

................Shepherd delight"

and with the morning of clarity and brilliance came the sunshine, to the joy of the horses that we put in the field in front of the house this morning.

Dolly a young thoroughbred filly examining Mounts bay this morning (Santa brought her rug early because of the weather last week!)

The high sweep of moors to our right

Belle grazing in the front field at Ednovean Farm just below the garden with Perranuthnoe village below

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