Thursday, 17 December 2009

A winter treat

There was another stunning sunset last night at Ednovean farm. As we brought the brood mares back from the fields my eye was caught by the shape of Perranuthnoe's church silhouetted against the sea with the pink glow of the sunset reflected on the water.

A view from the terrace at Ednovean farm in the final moments of the day

The "oily" currents that form in the bay in settled conditions show as tracks across the water glowing in the sunset.

I walked (scurried) along the footpath towards Trebarvah across our end field and took this in the gateway that forms the junction to footpath 24 and 25

A view over Mount Bay from Ednovean farm footpath

Across the fields from the Ednovean lane

Back in the garden I just spotted this boat on the horizon almost floating in the sunset
A magical few minutes and then back to the stables to give the horses their tea!