Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Out of the rain

Olley cat supervising the proceedings from a hay bale with sodden rugs hung to dry overnight behind him

After another day of freezing rain, that follows one of the wettest Novembers on record, one of the nicest times of the day remains evening stables, when everything is finished for the day. Then as dusk suddenly falls, the stables are filled with a contented munching, as mangers are rattled and twisted this way and that to chase the last illusive oats and nuts, to hard to reach corners, hooves muffled by fresh bedding.

Sootty who missed his daily constitutional today because of the weather and I forgot my pin number when shopping..........Ah hum

Dani the Spanish stallion shrouded in mane

One of our foals Amie drying out and enjoying a hay feast for the night - you can see the tide mark under her tummy from the rain today

And for us the the early long evenings offer a relaxing soak in a hot bath cocooned within the thick barn walls that until the 90's was also home to the horses.